Monday, February 20, 2006

It's official: This is a MI/Lib Dem Blog

I've been seeing hits here lately from the Michigan Liberal blog's stats counter, as well as from the site itself. When I finally got around to checking this out (Hey, starting a freelance writing biz is time-consuming!), I see that they added me to their list of Michigan/Liberal Democratic blogs. Woo hoo! And I didn't even ask 'em.

Trouble is, now that I'm "official," I kinda feel obligated to post more often, more political. Which actually shouldn't be too difficult: the governor's race hoo-ha alone will likely offer up enough fodder to keep any number of blogs smokin'.

Anyway, to the guys and gals at Michigan Liberal -- thanks for linkin' me up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No prob.. you linked to us and we appreciate it. :)
Please don't feel obliged to post anything in particular though. Although I personally love to read stuff about the political scene on the other side of the state, since I'm in SE Michigan.


10:17 PM  

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