Monday, July 10, 2006

From the DeVos blog: funny

Saw this entry today on the DeVos campaign blog "Blog from the Trail." Well, I won't make you link to it -- here's the text:
Check this out from the Herald Palladium. It appears Michigan is a laughing stock. The fact that we weren’t even a consideration for the Honda plant isn’t a laughing matter. What are your thoughts?
And here's the cartoon that went with it:My thoughts? Yes, I get it, but it's a football joke ... lighten up a little! It is funny.
A couple of other observations about the blog:
  • A number of people contribute to it. This is good
  • Their posts seem to be very much PR edited. This is not so good. Such obvious "on-message" editing isn't the stuff of blogs. The commentary doesn't come off as real or credible.
  • Many of the posts consist of a statement followed by the question, "What are your thoughts?" Again, not so good. If you're trying to engage the blogosphere, let's see some meat here to respond to. But then again, that's probably not their point.


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