Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fight Back! campaign

Better late than never on this, I guess. The Granholm campaign launched its new "Fight Back" website on Tuesday. An Action Alert is rounding up volunteers to show Granholm support at July 4th parades around the state. There's also a campaign blog. In an email announcing the site, Lt. Gov. John Cherry writes:
In the next four years, we can work to grow our economy and put Michigan first, or we can go back to the policies that failed this state the trade policies that shipped hundreds of thousands of our jobs overseas and the fiscal policies that turned a billion dollar surplus into $4 billion in deficits.

Everyday, Governor Granholm is fighting back for Michigan businesses and Michigan workers, against those who support the failed policies of the past. We need to fight back with her and make sure that she stays in office for four more years.


Blogger Rolfe said...

Better late than never indeed. Better to concentrate the campaign and counter the DeVos bs and millions spent on advertising between now and November.

DeVos only has negative talking points and his recently introduced economic plan was severely lacking in substance. As he told the Dtroit Free Press, "I'm running a campaign here, not an economic analysis machine,"

I agree with you completely, kathleen, we do need to fight for Governor Granholm and her efforts on behalf of Michiganders and Michigan businesses. Michigan can't afford the empty promises and unimaginative ideas of Dick DeVos.

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