Friday, May 19, 2006

More "Diaries ..."

The Governor returned home yesterday after what sounds like a pretty productive trip to Japan focussed on bringing more jobs to our state. From Thursday's diary/blog:
At the end of my journey, I feel enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of Michigan. I’m so pleased by the jobs we’ve been able to bring back from this trip! I am pleased to tell you that we have commitments for more than 400 new jobs and over $84 million in investment from 12 companies.
Good stuff to go along with the other initiatives the Gov's got going on, like:
Maybe I'm not paying close enough attention to her opponent (I have a hard time listening to him after surviving his reign when I worked for the family company), but all I've heard so far is his ill-considered johnny-one-note rant against the SBT ...

You go, Gov.


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