Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend links

Why Jon Stewart Isn't Funny Fine-minded young progressive thinkers aren't going into politics because watching Stewart has unmasked the "buffoons and idiots," making potential politicians think they're above all that. Gimme a break.

State workers have a lot to learn, execs say
A WMU survey of technology executives says that developing a highly educated work force is more important than tax cuts in making a state attractive to high tech firms. So repealing Michigan's SBT's the answer??

A Nurse's Courage
Amy Goodman interviews a New Mexico VA nurse whose letter to the editor criticizing the President resulted in her being investigated for sedition. Scary.

Fennville teachers to get bonuses if students improve on MEAPs
"Teachers see this as a sign that the school board doesn't really get it" ... Even more pressure to teach-to-the-test leaves creative and critical thinking to take a back seat, IMHO.


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