Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gov Jen on the Diane Rehm Show

Governor Jennifer Granholm did a great interview on the Diane Rehm Show today. So positive, so upbeat, so excited about strategies for moving Michigan forward out of these difficult times, where there've been 300,000 jobs lost since 2001 and unemployment is at 6.7% (national average about 5%).

She talked about the state's plans to attract more business in health sciences and alternative energy, among others, and about the law she's about to sign requiring more stringent high school graduation requirements. She spoke of a training initiative with the state's community colleges that will help displaced workers train for jobs that already exist in the state's economy.

She also made it clear that the Feds need to lend a hand to the flailing auto industry -- not bail it out, ala Chrysler back in the 80s -- with more favorable policies in foreign trade, pensions and health care.

If you didn't hear it this morning, give a listen here.

Update: I've now posted this entry as a diary on Michigan Liberal.


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