Thursday, March 02, 2006

Michigan Needs a Raise Campaign

Media Mouse pointed yesterday to ACORN's new website for the Michigan Needs a Raise Coalition's campaign to raise Michigan's minimum wage to $6.85/hr. With Congress having failed to pass legislation in March to raise the minimum wage and Michigan's state house refusing to vote on a bill this past summer that would have done so, ACORN and the MNR Coalition are now in the process of gathering the 350,000 signatures needed (by mid-June) to put the measure on the Nov. 6 ballot.

Facts from the website:
  • A minimum-wage worker makes $5.15/hour, or $10,712/year before taxes.
  • The $5.15 federal minimum wage has stood for nine (9) years.
  • 40% of minimum-wage workers are their family's sole breadwinner.
  • 70% of minimum-wage workers are adults.
  • 464,000 Michigan workers make less than $7.15/hr.
Check out the website. The blog is here.


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