Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Granholm Diaries

Our Gov. is in Japan this week meeting with Japanese companies and getting commitments from them to bring jobs to Michigan. Here's an excerpt from her diary/blog on Tuesday:
I’m pleased that we nailed down four commitments to expand and grow in Michigan. Those commitments will bring 151 jobs to communities across the state over the next year.

* Konica Minolta recently bought American Litho in Grand Rapids. Today, they committed to an additional expansion. Among its many products, Konica Minolta produces medical imaging equipment – a natural fit for our life sciences corridor. (emphasis added)

* Meiden America, which already has a sales office in Novi, is planning to build a new facility which will employ 50 people.

* Shikoku Cable Company will expand their Novi operation, adding two more jobs.

* Taichi-S, an automotive seating manufacturer, will expand their Farmington Hills engineering facility to add 20 jobs.

These projects, which are expected to bring almost $34 million in investment, are great news for our communities.
Good work, Governor -- keep it up! Your enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious.

Love the blog, too. What a great way to remind us that we've got a say -- and that we all can be part of the effort!


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