Monday, May 22, 2006

DeVos on health care

Sunday's GR Press had this little bit in the Polpourri column (Sorry, the online Polpourri hasn't been updated since May 14.) Excerpted:
Doctor disagrees with DeVos Rx -- When it comes to curing Michigan's health-care ills, Republican candidate Dick DeVos has the wrong prescription. That's the diagnosis of Dr. Paul Farr, a Grand Rapids gastroenterologist and president of the Michigan State Medical Society. Farr introduced DeVos at the Medical Society's leadership summit in Lansing last week. There, DeVos advanced the idea that the best solution to the health-care crisis is for more people to get jobs ...(emphasis mine)

Farr went on to point out: "The model of employment being the only model of health care insurance is really not working ..."

It discourages me to see a candidate portrayed as thinking so shallowly when we need vision, imagination and courage to push for creative solutions that go beyond the traditional health insurance model. So I checked out DeVos's blog to see if there was evidence of any more in-depth thought on this.

In a word, um ... no.

From DeVos's blog (Excerpts. emphasis mine; comments in italics):
Health care costs are hurting Michigan families and handcuffing Michigan job makers ... Michigan needs a change. Here are just a few things Dick DeVos will do to get Michigan back on track: (Gotta get that "job maker" theme in there ...)

Create a 21st century health care system

The time for new technologies in health care has arrived. The resources are in place to create a streamlined, technology-driven health care system. This system will make medical records more efficient, reduce hospital errors, and provide Michigan citizens with the tools to better manage their own health care. (Uh oh, watch out for this "managing our own health care" bit. It's the new code for fewer choices, less flexibility, more costs passed on to consumers.)

Improve access to healthcare and make it more affordable

Dick will work to reign in the cost of health insurance for working families and job providers. The more that individuals are empowered, and medical professionals are empowered, the better our health care system will be. (I think it's "rein," Dick. A little freudian slip here?)

Our legal system is a substantial part of the problem. We are going to have to reign in law suit abuse in Michigan. (Uh, maybe this is part of the cost problem, but does it relate to access? Oh, and there's that "reign" word again. Copy editor, please?)

Reform Medicaid and its sluggish bureaucracy

It is clear that Michigan's current Medicaid system desperately needs reform. Today's Medicaid is no longer providing the poorest and neediest with the coverage they need. Dick's reforms will help the needy, not the greedy. Dick will provide more accountability and oversight to a system that spends much of its money on fraud, waste, and inefficiency. (Groan ... I can hear that sound bite echoing across the state now ...)
These are excerpts, but they're pretty indicative of overall "substance." So far sound bites and empty rhetoric seem to be all we're getting from Mr. DeVos.


Blogger Kathy said...

Dick will provide more accountability and oversight to a system that spends much of its money on fraud, waste, and inefficiency.

I hope he doesn't mean the kind of accountability and oversight his best buddy George Bush has been providing our country for the last 6 years.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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