Monday, July 17, 2006

It's the university system, stupid

Writing about Google's recent announcement to put an expansion site in Ann Arbor, GR Press business columnist Nancy Crawley says it's our university system that will continue to attract sought-after knowledge and technology companies to Michigan (emphasis mine):
In this success story, one lesson stands out. An excellent university was the key economic development tool. It was not taxes. Not roads and sewers. Not facilities. And certainly not the weather ... Higher education was the key.
Nice swipe at the DeVos campaign, Nancy. I wonder if she got the same email I did?


Blogger JAM said...

Hmm. I'm wondering how this is a swipe at the DeVos campaign when I see ads from Jennifer Granholm claiming that she and her team were responsible for bringing Google in to Michigan.

I'm just saying.

Verification word (no lie) is sxrbt.

4:33 PM  
Blogger kathleen said...

two reasons, the way I see it: 1) DeVos continually harangues about the SBT and how it's keeping business out of Michigan. And here's someone pointing out what will bring companies INTO Michigan (rather than dwelling on a perceived negative), which is our educational system. 2) The email from DeVos that I linked to specifically mentions "bad roads" as another mark against the state (as if ...). Thanks for your question. I should be better about expression all of my thoughts rather than thinking readers will guess at what I'm thinking! kathleen

7:25 PM  

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