Friday, June 30, 2006

Delphi's new work force

The Freep reported on Wednesday that Delphi has hired more than 2,000 temps to replace some of the 12,600 hourly workers who have taken buyouts or accepted transfers to GM.

"Paying them half as much with no benefits," grumbled my husband when I mentioned it. He's a longtime hourly worker and former committeeman with UAW Local 113 in Muskegon. As you might imagine, he's seen his earning power do nothing but plummet since he started working in manufacturing in the late 70s.

He's right, too, although when companies cut costs by hiring temps, it's not news -- it's just a damn shame. "Just another way of stickin' it to the working man," he says.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fight Back! campaign

Better late than never on this, I guess. The Granholm campaign launched its new "Fight Back" website on Tuesday. An Action Alert is rounding up volunteers to show Granholm support at July 4th parades around the state. There's also a campaign blog. In an email announcing the site, Lt. Gov. John Cherry writes:
In the next four years, we can work to grow our economy and put Michigan first, or we can go back to the policies that failed this state the trade policies that shipped hundreds of thousands of our jobs overseas and the fiscal policies that turned a billion dollar surplus into $4 billion in deficits.

Everyday, Governor Granholm is fighting back for Michigan businesses and Michigan workers, against those who support the failed policies of the past. We need to fight back with her and make sure that she stays in office for four more years.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Levin admendment defeated

As predicted, Sen. Levin and Sen. Reed's proposal to begin troop redeployment from Iraq by year's end was voted down in the Senate today, 60-39. From an email sent by Sen. Levin today:
Although our amendment was defeated today 60-39, I am pleased that 39 Senators united behind a policy that would have changed the Bush Administration's current open-ended commitment of U.S. forces in Iraq. And I am disappointed that all but one Republican Senator lined up in lock step to oppose our amendment and rubber-stamp the Bush Administration's policy.
This is all completely beyond my understanding. I continue to be amazed that this war goes on -- with not the slightest move in sight to get our people out of there. "We have to finish what we started," is what we keep hearing from the Bush administration. Nevermind that "what we started" was purportedly for completely different reasons than the reasons given now. Not to mention that the President's statement that the future of our forces in Iraq “will be decided by future Presidents" cements a commitment that is downright scary.

From Sen. Levin's comments on the amendment:
Beginning the phased redeployment of American troops in 2006 would send a very clear message to the Iraqis: ... You, the Iraqis, must now decide whether you want a civil war or a nation.

Sending that message to the Iraqis and ending the open-ended U.S. policy towards Iraq will prod the Iraqis to take the necessary steps to end the dominance of the militias; will reduce the Iraqi dependence on the U.S. security blanket which deters tough choices by the Iraqis; will change the perception that we are permanently occupying Iraq, a perception which plays into the hands of terrorists; will reduce the number of U.S. targets for terrorists and insurgents; and will reduce the strain on U.S. forces.

Supporters of our amendment are just as determined to maximize prospects for success in Iraq as are the opponents of our amendment. We do not accuse opponents of our amendment of wanting failure or of advocating surrender to chaos and terror. We do believe that maintaining the status quo and the open-ended commitment, which is the hallmark of that status quo and that open-ended commitment, and adhering to a bumper sticker slogan of “stay the course'’ is a recipe for continuing instability and failure.
Read Sen. Levin's entire commentary on the admendment here.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Granholm TV campaign begins

Her challenger started in February with TV spots that purportedly cost millions. (I figure all that time just generates "more rope to hang him with," so to speak).

Now the Gov. takes to the airwaves with her own campaign. According to the Press article:
The ad touts a Granholm administration policy that favors the purchase of Michigan goods and services in the running of state government.

"It's time to stand up and fight," says the ad, which proclaims that "we have the best businesses and workers on the planet. Who can they count on? With Jennifer Granholm, Michigan comes first."

See the campaign online here (Real Player only; not for us Mac users ... :-( ... )

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Michigan Ad Network

Just established! The Michigan Ad Network is your source for advertising on progressive blogs across the state. Our audience includes everyone from political power brokers to grassroots activists.

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