Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gotta wonder

I know, I know. I live in the 'burbs. So why comment about what's going on in the city? Maybe I shouldn't. But when I read a post like this from Local Area Watch, I have to speak up.

Once again the focus is on something DeVos: A look at widening the Michigan Street bridge over Division, presumably to ease traffic -- including near at least three DeVos-related projects downtown. Now let me disclose right here that I work for the house that Rich and Jay built, so I'll make no comments either way about them or their businesses.

But I do take issue with this statement:
One has to raise an eyebrow at a study for routine re-engineering of a thousand-foot stretch of concrete costing three hundred grand. But the City Commission tells us not to worry, because DeVos’s development company will reimburse the City for the study’s cost. ... But who’s going to pay for the new bridge? Especially one that benefits DeVos’s medical towers project on one end and the DeVos Place Convention Center and any new hotel DeVos builds on the Olds Manor site on the other end?

Um excuse me, but since when is there harm in benefitting public places such as these -- venues like a convention center and a much-needed hotel that put $$ in city coffers?

Gotta wonder where reporting ends and axe grinding begins on this one.


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