Friday, July 21, 2006

Christine on liberal blogging, dick lingo

A beautiful Friday afternoon and I should be working. (Actually, I should be at Meijer Gardens with my family, but if I want to take tomorrow off for a family reunion, I'd better get some work done today. Such is the life of a freelance writer.) Anyway, I had to take a minute to point you to two great posts from Christine.

Yesterday, she laid out 5 Roles for Liberal Bloggers that are worth putting on your tackboard:
  • Research, present, and analyze the facts
  • Rally the base
  • Whack a mole (go read the post)
  • Support each other
  • Support candidates and issues
"Support each other" really resonates with me. Christine, Cathleen, Kathy, Matt and Laura all have been supportive of this blog since it decided to get a little more political, with links to posts and linkups on blogrolls. In fact, I think it was one of them who put coit avenue on LeftyBlogs. All that support has encouraged me to keep blogging -- and to delve a bit more into issues and candidates than I have in the past. Though I don't come close to any of them in knowledge or analytical skill, I figure every little bit helps.

In another post yesterday, Christine cautions us to look for this boilerplate "dick language" in letters to the editor in suppport of DeVos:
  • “We need a leader who is not a career politician or a lawyer and who has signed the front of a paycheck, not just the back. “
  • “Dick is a proven business leader”
  • “Dick has pledged to end Michigan’s job-killing Single Business Tax”
The two newspaper examples she offers contain dick lingo, word for word. So she's encouraging people to get ahold of DeVos's boilerplate letters and "combat these Weapons of Mass Deception by writing some pre-emptive letters of your own."

I like that.


Blogger Christine said...

Kathleen, thanks so much for the post! I am glad you are getting support from other bloggers ... we're all in this together. I'm really proud of the Michigan liberal blogosphere, and the way that Matt's site ( has really brought us together.

What I enjoy the most about blogging is finding other blogs & working them into my articles, or taking an idea from someone and going at it from another angle. So in that respect, I would say that my interest in other bloggers is purely selfish ... half the time, I'm looking for ideas. :)

Keep up the great work here on Coit Ave.

(I wanted to comment earlier but I took about a week off and I'm just getting caught up)


9:26 PM  

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