Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rinck wins primary

The Gr Press reports today that GRPS school board member Jim Rinck won out over opponent Peter Hickey by 400 votes. Rinck goes on to face US 3rd District Congressman Vern Ehlers in November.

Given how the netroots helped Ned Lamont in CT, I think Rinck's been a little too quiet on the internet (I just recently found his website, in fact). I'm thinking he could use a few pointers, so I sent this email to his campaign this morning:
Hey, guys
Congratulations on Jim's win in the primary! Please put me on your enews list ...

I'm a progressive blogger based in the 3rd Congressional District. My blog, Coit Avenue is aggregated by Lefty Blogs and I'm somewhat active in the Michigan Liberal blogging community.


Jim's website and blog are good looking sites. But can I make a couple of suggestions to help your netroots campaign? It would be great if you had forms on the site for volunteering, signing up for email, etc., rather than making people send an email. Most important, though -- the blog needs an RSS feed so people like me can track the daily goings on through our newsreaders, rather than having to remember to go to the site to see if anything's new.

As the campaign heats up heading into Nov., we bloggers can help. These are just a couple of things that will make it easier for us.

Thanks for listening

The road ahead ain't going to be smooth running against a popular Republican incumbent, and Rinck needs to make it a little easier for those of us on the 'Net to help. Hope these small suggestions can make a difference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

People seem less than impressed about this congressional race. Ehlers is vulnerable if pinned down properly. People think of him as belonging to the party of GR Ford, not Tom Delay.

3:05 AM  

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