Friday, August 04, 2006

Update: Amazing Michigan

Well, hello. I got a comment on my last post from Melanie of Hass MS&L, who sent me the original email about the new blog, Because Michigan is Amazing. It reads in part:
We've added an About Us page to the site to answer your questions and those of other bloggers about the sponsorship of the site, which are valid ones. We didn't mean to be secretive ...

Of course I checked this out right away (and I have to note here that the About Us link that yesterday was located waaaay at the bottom of the site has today moved up to a more prominent position under Cool Stuff in the right rail.) Tom Brzezina, a president at the Troy ad agency, Michael Flora & Associates and whose idea launched the new blog, explains:

... Michigan is Amazing is a response to all of the negative press and disheartening news about Michigan that's been so pervasive lately—it's meant to be an opposing voice.
... this site is not a commercial venture. It's not part of a word-of-mouth campaign. And it's not an advertising vehicle. It's simply a valentine to Michigan.
... BCBSM ... has no active role in the site, other than sponsorship. I should probably also mention that Michigan is Amazing has no affiliation with any government branch of the State of Michigan, any tourism group, or any other state organization.
Also included on the page are bios from the three agency folks at Hass MS&L who are jumpstarting the blog: editor Alicia Dorset and writers Melanie Seasons and Aaron Brzezina (any relation to Tom?)

I must say I'm impressed with Hass Ms&L for responding. And I'm glad Melanie dropped by to tell me and my readers about this addition to the blog.

Read other commentary about the new blog (excluding PR releases) here and here


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